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C. J. Shaw

Lover of Finance- Lover of People- Lover of Words - Lover of the Coast

With over fourteen years experience in community development and personal finance, I have aided hundreds of individuals and organizations in reaching their goals. My niche is assisting individuals with mindset empowerment in the creation of spending plans, savings strategies and credit techniques. I do this by reducing overall expenses, developing “SMART” savings habits, and teaching the fundamentals of credit scoring models for maximum impact. 

I am also a “Multipreneur”, I’ve maintained my business, C.J. Shaw The Brand, since 2006 which houses my creative ventures as well as The Cardigan Banker. 

I love to help others by giving them the tools they need to be successful in managing their finances and want to empower the masses via a "each one, teach one" mentality so they can improve or maintain their financial status.

I am determined to design apparel and gifts with Sophistication and Education in mind. My style can be described as Educated Glam & Casual Chic.

Lastly, I am a creative, I create custom prints that involve words, shapes, and colors specific to your liking! 

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